The Professor reviews the ICECO JP40 43 quart 12 volt compressor fridge freezer with SECOP Danfoss compressor with a 5 year warranty. It is worth the premium price for German engineering.



ICECO JP40 43qt 12v Danfoss Compressor Refrigerator Freezer Review | 5 Year Warranty


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The Professor reviews the most anticipated portable power station of the year — the EcoFlow Delta 1300. With its powerful 1800w inverter, 1200w charger, and support for 400 watts of solar. Has this Kickstarter project changed the off grid solar generator market?

EcoFlow DELTA 1300 A GAME CHANGING Solar Generator? HONEST Review! 1800w Portable Power Station

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Are you prepared to survive without power when the grid goes down? Are you even prepared for a local blackout? In this special, The Professor talks about what power stations / solar generators and solar panels are the best bang for your budget so you can prepare for the next disaster …



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