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Last update: 1/17/22

Batteries & Chargers

These are all of the recommended batteries and chargers that I use for cameras, tools, and computers. The Schumacher charger is used to charge my portable 12v AGM battery, the van starter battery, and also can pump 15.5v into house batteries for an equalization charge.



Bug Repellents

These are all of the ways I keep bugs away and out of my RV. For those that make it through the zapper works great and lasts >15 hours per charge. The Thermacell systems work exceptionally well in calm winds where mosquitoes are the worst. I went from 20-30 bites per day to only one while using it. The netting I use over my existing screens to prevent small pests from entering. The magnetic door works perfect for a double van door once trimmed to size. Note that the Thermacell Portable most certainly requires a holster to carry so you’ll want to buy them together. They come in several colors.

Camera Gear

This is all the important gear that HOBOTECH uses to bring you content.

2018: The SOOCOO serves as time lapse and dash cam while the SJCAM serves vlog content since it supports a proprietary external microphone. The Nikon I take all of my still pictures with and will also shoot videos if i need high quality low light footage on a tripod. The Amazon tripod is excellent for the price. The TAKSTAR microphone has been rated highly against the Rode. I used this for the outro clip you see at the end of my videos.

Fall 2019: Upgraded to Canon G7X III for the majority of recorded content, using AKASO & SJCAM cams for most time lapses, and GoPro 7 Black for any action content or live streams. Rode Wireless Go feeds the majority of the audio.



Camping Necessities

This is some of the basic camping stuff that we all need eventually. Everything here I own and use regularly. The Lynx Levelers are great as long as you don’t use them on pavement in cold weather. The Camco filters do a great job filtering the heavy stuff and some chlorine out of water (for drinking water see the Galley section.) The Dual Flush will let you flush your tank without bringing a dirty hose into your RV. The heavy duty tent pegs are a necessity if you have a screen room or tent in high winds. The all-weather blankets are excellent for providing shade as they are aluminized on one side.

Cargo & Outdoor

The Gazelle screen room is almost a must have if you ever plan to spend time outdoors. It provides both shade and protection from insects. It makes a great pet room too as the extra large bottom flaps prevent pets from escaping. I suggest purchasing the extra side panels so you can convert it into a shower or outside bathroom. The cargo basket is a life saver if you have a van or Class B as it is the largest and tallest I could find. It allows me to carry so much extra water, the grill, the generator, and the Gazelle. The O-Grill came recommended from Technomadia and being cast iron it cooks fast and even. You can run it off the 1lb cylinders or use the adapter hose to hook it to a 20lb to save money. The brown tarp I use mainly for either ground cover under the Gazelle or as a shade tarp, and the white/silver tarp I use to cover the front of the van.

Cat Stuff / Odin’s List

This is all of Odin’s cat stuff. The litter box fits perfectly in the cabinet under the range in the Roadtrek. I then place a Wonderbox inside that and use a trash bag for a cat box liner. The tall sides prevent any accidents yet the open top allows him plenty of room to do his business. This cat food brand came recommended to me from a lady that ran a shelter in Los Angeles. Odin has been raised on it since 7 weeks old.

Comfort & Heating A/C

This category is all about making your RV or van feel like a home. I highly recommend the Eco Terra mattress. I never slept better! Reflectix is a necessity for covering your windows and preventing a greenhouse effect. It also helps in winter by preventing heat loss. Smart Shield is a better insulator. In winter, the Mr Buddy will keep you warm while awake and the socks and blanket will do the same while you sleep. I upgraded to the Olympian Wave 3 and never looked back.


Computer / Tech

This is all the nerdy computer stuff used to get me online, keep me editing, and provide some entertainment. The ASUS mini-PC is a dream. It’s lightning fast yet sips power. The Beelink mini-PC is a low power (7w) computer running Windows 10 that can run direct off your 12v system and provide any 24/7 needs like running a file server or security cameras. The Dell monitor is highly recommended for anyone that needs accurate color for photos or video. It comes out of the box rated 99% for sRGB. The Logitech keyboard is amazing for using a computer while sitting in bed because you use your thumbs for navigation. I like it so much I have two.


These are items I end up purchasing more than once over time. Most of these have been featured in a video at some time.


Most of these items I used during my van build to upgrade the 90’s technology in the Roadtrek to the 21st century. The Progressive Dynamics charger is a direct replacement for a Roadtrek charger and is a 4 stage unit. The 1500w inverter has been great and runs the microwave just fine, and powers the 3-way fridge for hours in 110v mode on long trips. 1/0 gauge wiring is recommended if you plan to pull 1500 watt loads from your inverter. The Hybrid Heat unit gives me the option of electric hot water and it has been awesome. Video coming up on this one soon.


Electric Bike

These are all of the Amazon items I use on my custom DIY electric bike that I have tested and recommend. The headlight is exceptionally bright and seconds as a flashlight. The cargo bag is a life saver as it carries all the stuff I need for repairs such as tire levers, the inflator, and tool kit. The BBSHD e-bike it and battery are similar generic versions of the Luna Cycle branded items I got. If you want to trade some risk for a lower price, at least buy through Amazon instead of eBay so that you have a 30 day return window if something goes wrong.

Electronics / Internet

I couldn’t live without my weBoost cell phone booster — literally. Without it, I could never do my YouTube work and stay in the National Forest 1-2 hours from town where boondocking is free. Yes, it is expensive but the Internet is vital to my work. I suggest having both an omni-directional and uni-directional antenna for it. The latter will give you a usable signal if you have to shoot through trees or long distances to a cell tower. The Pepwave router is excellent if you wish to tether your phone or hotspot to an internal network and provide web access to hardwired Ethernet devices such as a NAS or PC. The 1080p Supersonic LED TV is a good 12v gadget for the price. The built in tuner and speakers are fine for a RV — and it uses under 20w. Just don’t expect great contrast and colors compared to a computer monitor.

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Jackery Products

These are all of the Jackery Inc. brand products that I recommend.

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Kitchen / Galley

The Instant Pot speaks for itself. It’s like they invented the thing for RV and van dwellers! It does use 1000 watts of power but only intermittent once it is pressurized. The Dometic 12v fridge is a live saver and I couldn’t imagine relying only on my quarter century old propane fridge for storing meat. It is expensive, but it is made for rugged off road conditions and keeps the temperature rock steady wherever you set it. That means food lasts longer and saves you money with less spoilage. The Aquasana Water Machine is also a must-have for long term boondocking. It turns tap water into great tasting bottled water for a few cents per gallon. No more hauling shopping carts full of water to your rig, just fill up your jugs with tap wherever you fill up your fresh tanks then filter as needed.

BOUGERV 53qt Fridge use code HOBOTECH123 for discount!

BOUGERV 53qt Fridge bag/cover use code 53QTCOVER for discount!

ACOPOWER LiONCooler X40A use code 08HOBOTECH for discount!

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This is all of the lighting upgrades I’ve done in the RV. I used the colored lights with the aluminum channels to light up the center aisle in whatever color I choose. Check out the videos in the Van Build / Tech playlist for details.



Power Stations / Generators / Jump Starters

These are all of the recommended devices used to generate and/or store power.

Bluetti AC200 / AC200P Accessories: http://shrsl.com/2nloc

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MAXOAK BLUETTI EB240 2400wH power station: Save BIG using code HOBO3000 at checkout! 

MAXOAK BLUETTI EB150 1500wH power station: Save BIG using code BLUETTI2019 at checkout! 

MAXOAK AC50 use code HOBO5000 at checkout for discount! 


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Security & Surveillance

The Dericam 1080p is my backup/security night vision camera. The Faleemi 1080p is what I call a “mobile” camera that I can stick on with magnets any place I like outside. The 12v extension cable can be used with either camera to route power from a 12v circuit to the cameras (be sure to set up the camera’s WiFi on a computer first). USB extensions can be used to hook up webcams from inside your rig and send to a USB hub connected to your laptop or a mini-pc (see the Computer section). You can use these webcams for watching your pet or can point them outside through windows. Blue Iris software is then run on a computer and the cameras can be viewed on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. Amazon’s cheap $49 Fire works great as a “security monitor” because it sips power and can be told to keep the screen on while charging.

Solar Install (My RV Setup)

These are all the items I ordered separately from Amazon when I setup my solar system in early 2017. It was cheaper than buying a kit at the time. I also added on a 2nd set of 100w panels for a total of 400w. I have one set mounted on the roof using VHB tape, and the other set is a ground deploy with a tilt kit. I found this is the best of both worlds. Renogy is an excellent brand with solid support and I can’t recommend anyone else.


Solar Kits / Panels

Because kits can be cheaper sometimes or because some want an “all in one” solution, I am providing recommended solar kits here based on my experience with Renogy. PWM controllers are cheaper and less efficient, but fine for <100w solutions. If you plan on 200w or more you should spend extra on a MPPT controller like the Commander. 400 watts will max out a 20 amp system on a perfect day. Go for a 40 amp controller if you are building a 400-800 watt setup. The difference between the suitcase kits are that the “Eclipse” panels are better in lower light meaning more power during dusk and dawn over the standard kit. Both kits have water resistant electrics (highly recommended).

Current Amazon promo codes:

BOUGERV 170w/180w solar panel. Get a discount using code HOBOTECH99 OR HOBOTECH10 at checkout!

BOUGERV 40A MPPT solar controller. Get a discount using code HOBOTECH88 at checkout!

BOUGERV 400w solar panel kit. Get a discount using code HOBOTECH400W at checkout!

BOUGERV 400w solar panel and cabling kit. Get a discount using code HOBO6OFF at checkout!

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Solar & Other Adapters

 The MC4 to SAE adapter will let you use a Renogy suitcase kit with the factory hookups on your trailer or RV.

Other adapters are for hooking various solar panels to power stations or charging batteries or power stations by different means.




These are the various tools I used for my build and carry on board for repairs. I highly recommend investing in Ryobi tools as the batteries are compatible across their entire line. If you can think of a tool they probably make it. The 18v lithium batteries have been excellent with no problems charging or holding a charge. The Compressor is a life saver as most gas stations don’t offer the 80 psi necessary to pump up my tires. It also comes with adapters for Presta bicycle valves and auto shuts off at a preset pressure. The work light is super bright and great for night camping. The fan sees use all summer. It’s nice to have the option of 110v or battery power when it’s hot and you don’t want to run an inverter.