Watch the original review about the Bluetti EB150 1500wh power station!

SMOKING Limited Time DEAL On The Bluetti EB150 1500wh Power Station!


BLUETTI 1500wh discount is HERE! Get the EB150 on the Bluetti Store page (in either standard blue or fashionable black) for the stupid low price of $1089 shipped to your door! This is a better deal than you can get on Amazon and the black version there is $80 more!

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CANADIANS! Bluetti will be shipping to your country this summer. Stay tuned for the announcement!



See links below for the solar generators and solar panels mentioned in this video.

JACKERY 100w Solar Panel is BACK!



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(NEW!) ECOFLOW DELTA 1300 best deal at the EcoFlow Store

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(Lowest price ever!) MAXOAK Bluetti 2400wh

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Jackery Explorer 500!     


Jackery Explorer 240!



Jackery Explorer 160!


Jackery SolarSaga 60w Panel


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