The Professor answers the most popular questions about the new 2000 watt Bluetti AC200 solar generator on Indiegogo for $1199. We also review additional test footage. 



BLUETTI AC200 Portable Power Station Q&A! Your Questions Answered About This 2000w Solar Generator


BLUETTI AC200 on Indiegogo! –>



SUNGOLDPOWER 130w Suitcase Kit is BACK

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Watch the original review video HERE

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NEW “baby” BLUETTI AC50s is here! Do you like the Bluetti AC50 but wish it had a regulated 12v output for running a compressor fridge or CPAP machine? Bluetti has responded with the updated AC50 “s” model now available on Indiegogo at a “Jackery Killing” price of only $349 ($100 less than a Jackery Explorer 500)! 


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BLUETTI AC200 UPDATE: You can still get it for $1199 which is an amazing steal if you consider this is near the price of the Bluetti EB150.

Even better is the deal with a pair of their 120w solar panels for $1659.

(NEW) You can also get a wheeled TROLLEY with cover!

Check them out here:


Click HERE For The BLUETTI AC200


BLUETTI has hit the STRETCH GOAL of $1.5million to provide a 3 year warranty to all that pledge! Now your AC200 will have a 36 month warranty. Note this is only available to those that pledge.


AS FOR THE DISCLAIMER MESSAGE: Any time you buy anything on a crowd funding platform like Indiegogo they ‘warn’ you that “making a pledge is not shopping and you aren’t guaranteed anything” or something to this effect. If you are dealing with a valid company like Bluetti this means nothing. It’s a generic warning Indiegogo has to make so they don’t get sued. That’s all. Bluetti will not run off with your money!



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